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Daily Routine

The daily routine we have for babies and tots is kept flexible, by being tailored to the needs of your child. As your child gets older and is able to take on board new routines, we provide more structured activities as we prefer our daily routine to be more focused. The staff at Holly Hill believe that children respond positively to this, and it helps them to learn and become aware of what to expect next during their busy time at Nursery.

If your child has any special requirements, please let our staff know and we will do our very best to accommodate.

Parent and Carer Evenings

Evenings are held in June and November, however, we have an ‘open door policy’ where we are always happy to discuss your child and anything else you may be concerned with at any time.

Our Baby Room

Our baby room Staff have been with us for over 11 years, working happily and confidently with babies and their parents or carers. This experience allows the Staff to provide a wide range of age appropriate activities which encourage development and learning in all areas of the (EYFS) Early Years Foundation Stage.


We offer a weaning menu. The Staff discuss and support parents and carers with their requirements on this, and help and advise as necessary for each individual baby. Staff work with breast feeding Mums to support them in their chosen feeding regime.

Transition from Baby Room to Tots Room

Once a baby reaches 18 months old they are introduced gradually to their new friends and caring Staff. We encourage each individual child to spend 1 hour in their new environment, until they become comfortable and confident to stay longer, and then eventually they will be happy to stay for the full session. Our Baby Staff also take the older babies to the new soft play room, to develop their gross motor skills; where they have opportunities to explore and experience stretching and climbing movements under close supervision and safety. This helps the babies to become familiar with another room and learn more about their environment and world around them.

We have a large soft play room, for all of the children to develop their gross motor and other physical skills for occasions when the outdoor play ground is unsuitable for the children to do this, due to very bad weather; and the soft play room is perfect for all of the children to be active in , usually several times a week  they have fun developing their gross motor skills. We also have a sensory / quiet room where the Tots have their afternoon sleep and learn how to play calmly with each other during language and social actvities. In another room we develop the children’s creative skills within this room there are activities set up to develop sand and water play, construction, model making and painting, there is also a quiet area where the children can look at books and have stories read to them.

Transition from Tots Room to the Jelly Beans Room

Once a child reaches two and a half years old, we introduce them into the larger Jelly Bean room and the staff who work there (although, all children see all of the staff regularly and no member of staff is a ‘stranger’ to them). Visits to the Jelly Bean room take place over a 1 month period and every parent will receive a letter to say how and when this takes place for their child. For further information our Manager Lilian Carlton will be happy to talk to any parent or carer.

Jelly Bean Room

Development records are continued in compliance to the government requirements of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Our Deputy Manager, June Allport is our SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) if there are any issues arising in regard to a childs development then she is the member of staff who is here to offer guidance. Our SENCO assists all staff and parent/carers what ever the age of the baby or child or which ever room they are attending.

The children have their breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea in this room and are encouraged to try all the food given to them and also how to use a knife and fork. Meal times offer an opportunity for staff to promote good table manners and social skills through being good role models. There are a wide range of learning and play activities provided for the children and Staff assist their children to become independent learners, encouraging them in how to play together appropriately. We provide a cross section of activities both indoors and outdoors, and the staff take small groups of children to the new soft play room to develop their gross motor skills too.

At Holly Hill Nursery we like to give the children opportunities to visit places outside of Nursery and outings take place as often as we can. We also have other agencies come to us, for example Zoo Lab and Kids Club Videos.